Lost in Another World

Who is this guy?


All I can ever think in this scene is that they’re both technically naked…


i bought this skull for a cosplay and


They just fit.


are you okay ?’


I would like to nominate Elaine Collins (Peter’s wife) for the title of Uncrowned Queen of the Doctor Who fandom.  Do I hear any “Seconds?”

happily ever after » ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS is non painful whouffle please

"I was watching with my family, my daughter is a whovian like me, but neither my wife nor my daughter cried as I do, especially in the scene where Matt says, ‘I will always remember when the Doctor was me," I say, because Matt it is he who has turned to the camera and saluted his fans, was one of the best regeneration in my opinion, because Matt has spoken in the role of the Doctor, then Amelia, I cried a lot! I swear that when I appeared I almost hated my daughter exclaimed "There he is!" and I was crying, God, how I hated myself. "
Peter Capaldi on ‘The time of the Doctor’ (via claerias)